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An April Update on Sound Design Bites

I’ll be moving to a new location in the near future and I think that I’ll wait till then to get back to creating new videos for Sound Design Bites. I’m still building a lot of things as well as doing typical day to day work. I’lld definitely make a post when I start doing that sort of thing again but it will probably be later this year.


Sound Design Bites Update

So, I’m still working on getting back to these videos. Work and some other behind the scenes things have gotten in the way of continuing the series. I still plan on making more but I’m leaving things a bit open as to when it’ll happen. I’ll definitely post something here when things become stable enough for me to produce more content.

Lack of Updates

I really wanted to start back up the Sound Design Bites videos after the first of the year but a ton of stuff has happened behind the scenes since then. I still plan on getting back to them but it may not be until the beginning of February. Check back here for more updates soon!

Sound Design Bites!

So, I’ve been working on this web series for a couple of months now where I show people how they can accomplish a bit of creative sound design using cheap and easy to find materials. I’ve been enjoying the process so far and I’m looking forward to doing more videos! With the holiday season upon us, though, I probably will not have time to produce too much content. I’ll try to get something new up by the first of the year but things will probably not progress as normal until after that. For those who haven’t seen any of these videos yet, you can view them here!

Oh! I guess I should also announce that the news section of the website is back after a year or so of silence. I decided to add it back to the website since I now feel that I have a bit more to share these days. I’m hoping to post what’s going on with Pure Shift Productions as well as other tidbits of interest in the world of audio production for video games, film, music, etc. ¬†Thanks for sticking with me!