SID Sounds Volume 2 for Reason


SID Sounds Volume 2 is the sequel to my original SID sound set. While Volume 1 concentrated on the raw wave forms of the SID chip, Volume 2 is all about lead sounds.  I multi-sampled ten different synth patches using the MSSIAH cartridge and set them up as NN-XT instruments. While some of them are bread and butter type sounds, you’ll also find some wave table arpeggiated patches. Each sample was recorded for several seconds and I spent a good bit of time doing my best to set the loop points properly. There are a total of 325 samples weighing in at about 214MB.

The demo song below utilizes three patches from this library. While I did concentrate on sampling lead sounds, some of them are definitely be used for bass lines. Other than a little bus compression, no EQ or effects have been applied to the NN-XT patches.

Price – $5.00 (A download link will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours)