William Chrapcynski

  • Composer
  • Sound Designer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Musician
  • Voice Actor
  • Graphic Artist
  • 3D Modeler





Software Expertise

Reason, Logic X Pro, Photoshop



Bass, Guitar, Ukulele, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion


Composer and Sound Design Experience

Misfits Audio, 2011
Wrote and recorded music for the Strange Stories and Bullies series.

Magic Match, 2014
Sound design and character voices.

Toku Ladies Podast, 2016
Opening and closing theme.

Megatokyo Visual Novel Game (currently in production)
Composer and sound design.


Audio Engineering Experience

The Dreamscapes Project
There Are No Safe Words – 2005
Recording engineer for vocals and cello.

Communist Yard Sale

Self Titled Album – 2007
Recording and mixing engineer.

Binary Souls / Other Dimensions
The System is Down – 2007
Recording and mixing engineer.

Petit Rusika, 2008
Self Titled EP – 2008
Recording and mixing engineer.

Binary Souls / Other Dimensions
Binary Birth Act 1 – 2012

The Hegg
Video Game – 2013
Mastering Engineer


Musician Experience

Westminster College Jazz Band, 1992-1994
Played bass guitar.

Freedom Ave., 1993-1994
Played bass guitar, sang lead vocals and was primary composer.

Tempo Tantrum, 1994-1995
Played bass guitar and recorded the album ‘Into the Realm‘.

Local Prophets, 1998
Played bass guitar.

Jim Steed / Jack Diamond Band, 2002-03
Played bass guitar.

Communist Yard Sale, 2007
Played bass guitar and recorded self titled album.

Petit Rusika, 2008
Played bass, keyboards and recorded self titled EP. Collaboration with Natz from Rusika.

Binary Souls / Other Dimensions, 2005 to present
Responsible for all instruments including bass guitar, guitar, keyboards and vocals.

Recorded the album, The System Is Down, Binary Birth – Act 1, and various other singles.

Technical Theater Experience

Reston Community Players (RCP) – 2007 to present
The Last Night At Ballyhoo, 2007 – Sound Designer
An Experiment With An Air Pump, 2008 – Sound Designer (WATCH Nominated)
Laughing Stock, 2009 – Sound Designer
Moonlight and Magnolias, 2011 – Sound Designer (WATCH Nominated)
33 Variations, 2013 – Sound Designer
Chapter 2, 2014 – Sound Designer and Assistant Director
Fox on the Fairway, 2015 – Sound Designer and Assistant Director
Private Lives, 2017 – Sound Designer

Curtains Up! Theatre Company
A Christmas Story, 2012 – Sound Designer

Graphic Design

Binary Souls / Other Dimensions comics, 2007 to present
3D graphic designer and comic artist.

Armored Solider Valkyrion: Starstorm RPG, 2008
3D graphic artist for Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Animal Faith comic, 2009
3D graphic designer and comic artist.

The Dreamscapes Project – 12 Days Project album, 2010
3D graphic artist and comic artist for the song, “Candle In A Blackout.”



Youngstown State University, 1992-1995
Majored in TV and Radio.
Minored in Technical Theatre.

Northern Virginia Community College, 2005-2006
Studied in the Audio Engineering Program.

Berklee College of Music, 2012
Orchestration for Film and TV specialist certification.